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Canadian Billboard Chart-Topper to Release 'Right Where I Want You'

Canadian singer-songwriter and MCMA Artist Vocalist of the Year Jason Kirkness to release ‘Right Where I Want You’

Album and Single Artwork for Canadian Artist Jason Kirkness' 'Right Where I Want You'

Following a string of incredibly successful 2023 releases in the Americas and Australia, singer-songwriter Jason Kirkness drops his new single ‘Right Where I Want You’ to UK radio. 

The name Jason Kirkness is rapidly becoming synonymous with the warmth and sincerity of Country music with an upbeat style that connects with all audiences. Hailing from the tiny farming community of Kleefeld, MB, Canada, Jason invites listeners to join him on a journey filled with genuine emotion and relatable storytelling. With each song, he humbly strives to connect with audiences on a personal level, drawing inspiration from everyday experiences and the beauty of the human spirit.

Despite his many achievements and growing recognition, Jason remains grounded in his roots, cherishing the support of his fans and the opportunities that have come his way. After enjoying a remarkable 2023 including remarkable accolades such as winner of the Manitoba Country Music Association ‘Male Artist Of The Year’ to a massive 18 weeks on the Top 40 Canadian Billboard Charts and Top 100 Music Row, Jason is starting off 2024 with a bang with the infectious track ‘Right Where I Want You’. 

"Reflecting on the romantic and personal challenges of my past and the obstacles I have overcome, I am always aware of how blessed I have been to continue to create some of the best music of my career." 

Jason Kirkness

With ‘Right Where I Want You’, Jason continues to share pieces of his heart through music, inviting listeners to connect with music and lyrics.  His sincere approach to songwriting and his genuine love for the craft shine though in every note, reminding us of the power of music to unite and uplift.

As he looks ahead to the release of his forthcoming album ‘What Got Me Here’, Jason Kirkness remains grateful for the journey that has brought him to this point.  With a deep appreciation for the support of his fans, which includes his new Australian fanbase, and the opportunity to share the music with the world, he humbly invites listeners to join him on the next chapter of his musical adventure – a journey filled with honesty, humility, and an unwavering commitment to the craft he loves.

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