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Abbie Bell & The High Ryes release New Single ‘American Aisle’

American Aisle

 Released - 10/01/24

Following on from the release of their debut single ‘We Ended In Nashville’, and standout 2023 offering Take It Off, fast-rising country music band Abbie Bell & The High Ryes entered 2024 with their hotly anticipated new single titled ‘American Aisle’.

Formed in 2022, Abbie Bell & The High Ryes have quickly become one of Britain’s most exciting homegrown acts in country music and their growth is set to skyrocket in 2024, and that will be spearheaded by ‘American Aisle’, a track that solidifies their breakout status. 

American Aisle’ showcases their musical journey whilst retaining the trio’s signature blend of infectious hooks and relatable lyrics creating a fresh and exciting dynamic that brings together alt-country and modern Americana styles to create a fusion of genres culminating in a stunning cross-genre sound. 

The country genre is forever evolving and generating new crossover sounds, and with this release, Abbie Bell & The High Ryes have further pushed the envelope with a perfectly structured offering that brings together a multitude of musical influences creating an innovative yet nostalgic song that has the potential to become a crossover smash. 

Connect with Abbie Bell and The High Ryes:

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