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Just in case you're still not convinced, take a look at what some of our previous clients have to say. You can always get in touch for a chat about your PR needs!

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country music artist

After utilising the services of Scarlet River (PR) to help with the promotion of my two Christmas singles, I have to say I was delighted. Rachel ran a very thorough and organised campaign and was able to guide me through the do's and don'ts of getting my music seen by the right people within the industry. Rachel's dedication is second to none and I highly recommend her.

dove ties logo.jpeg

country music duo

I (Donna) approached Rachel from Scarlet River to have an overall & general conversation about my music and social media presence and how best to move forward if we were to work together in some capacity. Rachel was very supportive and as the release date was fast approaching we decided to work on a month-long campaign for my project with Patrick Jordan 'DOVE TIES' and our single 'GHOST OF YOU'.

Having Rachel on board helped me to be a little more strategic and plan out how/what/why with anything that was posted. Rachel also took away a lot of the stressful elements of releasing music and took care of emailing out the press release, helped to set up interviews and radio play & more. This was such a huge relief and help that was invaluable,

Celine Ellis.jpg

country music artist

Working with Rachel has been a dream! From our very first conversation to discuss potentially working together, through the many planning sessions for the release all the way to our post release chats. I have found that Rachel and I like to work in similar ways with regards to planning, preparations and organisation, which has been a huge advantage. She also never failed to check in with me regularly to make sure things were on track and to see if there was anything else we could do. It really was a huge weight lifted in what Rachel managed for this release! In addition to all this, Rachel is building a superb artist support network group, where other 'Scarlets' she works with can share info, spitball ideas and support each other. I will surely be working with Rachel in the future!


country music artist

​PR with Rachel has been an absolute BREEZE. From the initial phone call to the end of the campaign I have felt so at ease and confident. Rachel just gets the job done and has a supportive, encouraging personality to go with it.


country music band

On behalf of Hicktown Breakout, Scarlet River Management has become a key partner supporting how we promote our style of country rock, manage our gig bookings and push our new music out to the right contacts in the UK and International Country scene. Rachel and Team are awesome!


country music artist

Scarlet River Management pulls out all the stops to make their artists feel valued and supported. I could not have successfully released a number one single without Scarlet River Management. No task is too big and the way they empower their clients is commendable. First-class company.

Shantell Ogden.jpg

country music artist

“From getting reviews to interviews to radio airplay, Scarlet River PR did a great job at a indie-artist friendly rate. I highly recommend working with them on tours and single releases.”

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Americana artist

I love working with Scarlet River.  Rachel is so creative with her ideas and brilliant with her follow through! She has a genuine passion for making stuff happen, and she’s been able to cover a lot of ground.

Gareth Lewis 1.jpg.webp

singer songwriter

I want to say a big thank you to Scarlet River PR for the support around the release of my single ‘Things You Love The Most’. Working with Rachel was easy and really helped to take the stress out of promoting my song. I was very happy with the press and radio coverage generated and would recommend working with Scarlet River PR to any artists who are serious about their music.


country music artist

Rachel was recommended to me by fellow artists that had had success with their single release campaigns. After watching one of Rachel's Scarlet River PR webinars I was immediately impressed by her no-nonsense approach... I was wary of the use of superfluous language and sales waffle. I found none of that in Rachel's presentation and Q&A.
Rachel is a pleasure to work with, always on hand to help with timely replies and she opened doors for me at the start of my country artist career, helping my debut single reach #1 in the UK iTunes country chart.
I have to stress though that this is a working relationship - you have to be prepared to put in the hours and use your existing connections alongside Rachel's in order to gain any progress. As with most things in life, you have to get in to get out (put in the work to get results) and bring in the right team to work with you. Rachel is a top team player.



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