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Introducing Australian Rising Country Artist, Allie Jean

Born in a small town in North East Victoria, country life and country music have been a permanent fixture for Allie Jean. Living in various rural and remote locations around Australia including Booleroo Centre (South Australia, population approximately 400) before settling in the picturesque Victorian high country, country music has always been a part of her life.

Combining accessible melodies with poetic lyrics, Allie Jean dives into lived and observed experience, authentically capturing human experience in its full glory of light and shade. Drawing on elements of country, pop, rock and grunge, authenticity has always been the key driver of Allie’s music. Encapsulating the adage “only bother saying something if you have something say”, Allie’s songs may not always be a comfortable listen but they provide a hard edge to an otherwise mellow sound.

Allie spent 2020 – 2021 writing and demoing music for her first album under the direction of well-regarded producer and multi Golden Guitar winner Matt Fell. The album was recorded in 2022/2023. Her debut album, ‘This Drink is for The Hard Times’ was completed in February 2023, and mastered by Grammy award mastering engineer William Bowden. It will be released towards the end of 2023.

First single ‘Gasoline of Fire’ was released in August 2023.

‘Gasoline on Fire’ is the first glimpse from exciting new country artist Allie Jean from her hotly anticipated debut album ‘This Drink is for the Hard Times. ’ Allie Jean has a sound distinctly all her own - defiant, empowered and laden with attitude. ‘Gasoline on Fire’ a song about why revenge should sometimes be served hot, a soundtrack for not going quietly when someone’s mouth is getting the best of them.

Whilst initially respecting the traditional elements of country and bluegrass, Gasoline on Fire takes a turn as it changes gear with gritty slide guitars over propelling drums, with a sweet but powerful vocal building up to an anthemic country rock/pop classic as it hits the chorus.

It’s a bit rock, it’s a bit country, but ultimately, its about upping the ante, saying to the person who is pissing you off, you think things are bad now? You have no idea what’s coming your way.” – Allie Jean

Produced by Australian Country Music heavy weight Matt Fell (Shane Nicholson, Brad Cox) and mastered by William Bowden (Goyte, The Church, Silverchair) Allie Jean a different side to the country music coin. ‘Gasoline on Fire’ is high energy, revenge fest, country grunge at it’s best.

Connect with Allie on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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