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Artist Spotlight: Demi Michelle

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Welcome to 2022's first Artist Spotlight! And, we couldn't think of anyone better to spotlight that US singer-songwriter, podcaster, and artist, Demi Michelle!

Demi's creativity and love for both pop and country music has driven her passion for writing songs that turn life experiences into songs that touch the hearts of her listeners through her captivating storytelling and soul-filled melodies. Taking songwriting influence from the likes of Julia Michaels, Kelsea Ballerini, and Taylor Swift, Demi strives to keep authenticity and honesty at the core of her lyric writing during collaborations, as well as songwriting for her own releases.

Demi’s music began to flourish and gain popularity on radio following the release of ‘Will I Ever’ in 2021, the lead single from her debut album, ‘Dear Diary’. As entry number one from the musical pages of her album, the track shows that Demi isn’t afraid to be vulnerable in her music. The song reached #2 in the New Music Radio Top 40 on Revival Radio, and #8 on the Heart of Indie Top 10. The eleven-track album truly gives listeners a glimpse into Demi’s heart, capturing the purest of honesty and vulnerability.

Through writing Dear Diary, I really feel that I have gone on a journey of self-discovery

In the run up to working with Demi on a very special release (to be announced soon so follow us on our social platforms), we wanted to introduce this fabulous artist to you and, get to know more.... FINISH!!

Did you know that Demi is studying a Masters of Fine Arts?!

As is the case for many independent artists, Demi doesn't just do music however, I bet you didn't know that she is studying a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction?! I think it is very clear that Demi has a natural talent for writing heartfelt, honest and gripping lyrical content and, I have no doubt that this shines in this program. She is currently working on her second book and hopes that one day she'll be able to get a publisher on board! Being a fellow student myself, I wanted to know how Demi manages to juggle the requirements of a full-education as well as that of her musical career.

"I’ll admit, it’s difficult at times, especially when my releases happen to be at the same time as major deadlines. Still, I feel like there are a few ways I’m able to juggle both. First, I’m so motivated in both my graduate program and my music career. Creative writing and music are my true passions, and since I truly love what I do in both areas, I’m super motivated to give both my all. Second, organization is a huge one for me. There are certain days and times of the week that I set aside for my school work. When I’m working on my novel or other course work, I make sure I have no distractions around me because it’s essential that I get my work done in the block of time I set aside for myself. Also, being organized also means being aware of my schedule and what’s coming. I’m releasing three singles back-to-back in January, February, and March [suprise], which is going to take a lot of my time and energy. Since this is my final term of my program and my mentor and I decided to raise my minimum page count for submissions so I finish my second book, I really have to be aware of where my deadlines fall and make sure I don’t over-book myself during those times. Also, one of the most important things is knowing when to take time for myself. Being a fulltime grad student and independent artist takes a lot out of me at times. When I start feeling overwhelmed, I always make it a point to set everything aside and give myself time to relax and reset. When I’m stressed, I can’t do my best work, and I’m definitely not creative. Since my degree and music are both creative arts, having inspiration and creativity flowing is essential for my success. So, I’m mindful of when I have to take breaks."

Did you know Demi produces a podcast?!

If studying a podcast and being a singer-songwriter and artist wasn't enough, in 2020 (?) Demi began her own podcast 'Write On Track'. I asked Demi what made her get into podcasting and to describe what the podcast was all about (for those of you who haven't heard an episode - which you should - and you can by clicking here!).

"I’m a huge fan of podcasts and consistently listen to different shows. Once I really got into podcasts, especially when covid hit, I started thinking that it would be a lot of fun to have my own songwriting podcast. Just like with my music, I really wanted to plan everything for the podcast in a very thoughtful way. Because podcasts are so popular these days, it was important to take a look at the shows out there and determine where I fit in and what I have to offer. Something I noticed was that there are a lot of podcasts that are by songwriting pros, include interviews with regard to new music, and are very craft-based. I felt like something missing was the host and guests sitting down for an open and honest chat about what it takes to be a songwriter. Also, songwriting isn’t just about the craft - it’s essential to approach the music industry as a business. So, I made the decision to have a topic-based show that delves into everything to do with songwriting and the industry, with some extra fun surprise episodes along the way."

"One of the most special things about Write on Track has been all of the incredible people I’ve gotten the chance to talk to on the show. Friendships have been born, and I’ve been touched by my guests’ stories and perspectives. The atmosphere created by the show is probably my favorite part because I think of this show as a safe space for my guests to share their experiences, successes, challenges, and much more. On Write on Track, the focus is on the truth and the reality of the industry. Sometimes, topics are lighthearted. Other times, they’re much deeper. Hitting every point on this spectrum is a key part of the show because it’s all about the journey of a songwriter, and like everything in life, that includes both the good moments and challenges. I’ve grown as a person through hosting the show, and I can’t wait for what’s in store for Write on Track in 2022".

Demi's top tips for surviving in the music industry

We thought we'd take our final question back to what it means to be a part of the music industry and some of Demi's top tips for new artists wanting to release music. We'll be doing a bigger blog piece later in the year which will delve into this further however, take a listen to the YouTube video below where Demi talks about some of the following:

  1. Be Authentic

  2. Give Back

  3. Be educated in the music industry

2022 is looking incredibly bright for this young, upcoming American talent! Make sure to follow Demi on her socials & be ready for a great year!



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