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Careers in the Music Industry - Public Relations (PR)

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

In 2022, Scarlet River Management officially made the transition to Scarlet River PR. There are many reasons that led to this final decision but, regardless of that fact, I (Rachel) realised that we hadn't covered the topic of Public Relations (PR) in our 'Careers in the Music Industry' blog section...

The term PR in any context refers to the practice of deliberately managing the release and spread of information between an individual or organisation and the public, in order to affect the public perception. So essentially, the role of a music PR company is to build the profile of a musician(s) and their musical releases by exposing it to the relevant broadcasters and journalists for media coverage worldwide.

Essentially, the role of an independent music PR company is to build the profile of a musician(s) and their music, by enhancing exposure to the relevant broadcasters and journalists for worldwide coverage. During lockdown of 2020, I frequently found myself talking to artists online who had recorded music prior to the pandemic and, were unable to tour their music and promote it the way they knew best. Having been a part of the UK Country music industry for a couple of years prior to that point, I felt that I could offer independent artists an opportunity to get their music in front of some of the well-respected industry professionals, companies, and fans within the UK country scene! So... I started PR.

Scarlet River PR primarily focusses on working with artists that produce country music of any sub-genre and from anywhere in the world!

"I am less concerned about the sub-genre of country music and, more concerned about being passionate about the track(s) and being able to give an artist 100%! If I feel I can provide that, then I want to work with them! If not, I would much prefer that artist find someone that could give them more than I can offer!"

Scarlet River PR have been very fortunate to have worked with artists from the UK, Europe and United States. In 2022, Scarlet River PR aims to focus on building two main areas:

  • Providing widespread media in the UK to country and non-genre specific media.

  • Providing non-UK artists a platform to build a fanbase in the UK country scene.

Looking to do your own PR in 2022?

Whether or not you want to hire a company to help you with PR, there are always a number of ways to promote your music in 2022. The Music Industry How To have written a great article on this but, here are just two things to consider when looking at PR for your release campaign.

Content Marketing

Social media for musicians has always been an important platform to use when promoting music however, since the pandemic, this has become even more important! So many people discover new artists and stay up to date with releases via social media. Consider the content that you are creating - Is it interesting? Is it unique? and, is it engaging?

Utilise a Mailing List

A mailing list is a great way to communicate and build relationships with your fans. It is also a great way to control the information that you would like fans to receive and, assures that it is received by audiences that are interested in your music!

What to look for in a PR company

Before working with any music PR company, it is always important to do your research. Whilst it isn't necessarily difficult to shortlist PR companies that you might be interested in, you definitely want to consider if they are the right one for you and what you are trying to achieve.

Choose a publicist who has knowledge and experience in your genre and a good track record. If you hope to target genre-specific and mainstream media, check that they cover both. Look at the artists they represent; this will help you see if there’s a fit with the area of music in which you see yourself.

Claire Horton (Worked with Willie Nelson & Bonnie Raitt)

Check out this fantastic article by the Musician's Union that talks about planning your PR and marketing in advance, and finding the right company for you!

Want to work in PR?

I can't say that I have all the answers - neither can I say that I am the most qualified for a job role in PR. However, you also need to be passionate about helping artists! Find a company that works in a genre, and with music, that you love; find an artist that needs help with music marketing and release planning; do an online course. Get involved, and start your career in PR today!

What can Scarlet River PR do for you?

  • Worldwide radio play and media coverage

  • PR package tailored to you

  • A promotional package that encapsulates your brand

  • Social media support and guidance

  • Free resources to help grow your career

If you're interested in sharing music with us for potential collaboration, please do send an email to

Interested in learning more about enhancing your own PR career? Check out these great resources by BestColleges.

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