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World Mental Health Day - Brave, Bold and Beautiful

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Monday 10th October, 2022.

Today is World Mental Health day. Whilst it is easier and there appears to me more support in supporting our physical ailments, our mental health is just as important, if not more important. The stronger we feel, the more we have to help us with physical ailments and challenges in day-to-day life.

Lisa T is a country pop singer songwriter from Manchester UK, who is not only a mental wellbeing manager, but is also releasing her new song "Best Kept Secret" all about our mental health today. Look after yourself and check out our interview with Lisa as we discover some tips to do just that.

1. It is world mental health day today and not only are you releasing a single, you are also a wellbeing manager. My first question to you would be for those who are struggling with their mental health and scared to ask for help due to stigma that still exists. What would you say to them and what tips would you give them?

Yes, it is a busy day for me today. Lots of sessions at work (mindfulness meditations and wellbeing workshops) as well as release day!

It is so important to speak up when you need help. Having struggled with my own mental health over the years, I understand how isolating it can feel. We have to reach out. We are so lucky these days that there are so many organisations that offer support like Mind and Mental Health UK. I would also really recommend meditation to everyone. It's one of the best things for training the mind.

2. What was the inspiration behind "Best Kept Secret"? and how important is this song to you, especially today?

The Best Kept Secret was written by myself and Elaine Lennon. I've read a lot of Rhonda Byrnes books over the years - 'The Power', 'The Magic' etc all about using our mind to create the most wonderful life through gratitude, manifestation, meditation etc. Most of us don't realise the unlimited power we have within us - its The Best Kept Secret ;)

3. What was the recording process like for this song and did it differ from recording other songs. If so, in what way?

I recorded this song in Pinhole Sound Studios in Manchester. It was an amazing experience, Adam is great. I was fully involved in every step of the production which was really new for me. I'm so happy with this release, I'm really proud of it.

4. What do you want listeners to take away from this song when they listen to it?

The aim of this song is to empower the listener. We are all unique, we all have individual quirks that make us who we are. My favourite lyrics in the song are 'You are your own kind of beautiful'. Everyone is beautiful, we just need to find the strength to see our own inner beauty. As soon as we do, it shines through for the rest of the world to see. But we have to believe it ourselves first. (Louise Hays book Mirror Work could really help with building this self love).

5. It can be difficult being an artist with all that is involved. What have you learned in your career and what would you say to musicians and artists to help them with their mental health?

I spoke with someone the other day who said 'I don't know a single musician who hasn’t struggled with their mental health at some point'. I found that really interesting. I wonder if having a creative brain means that we also are more prone to mental health difficulties? I find it fascinating and I hope more studies are done on the mind. I do know that music is one of the best aids for mental health difficulties from a recent study. Whether it's listening to music, singing or dancing. It's been deemed the best natural 'mood booster' as it naturally triggers the dopamine system within the brain. So sing, dance and listen to music! Also focus on your successes more than your knock backs - that's something that I've learnt.

6. This mental health day what are your top tips to help ourselves look after our mental health better and to feel more empowered in our own individual lives (leave the cold showers out of the proceedings, readers Lisa T does like an iced bath, helps with resilience apparently)

Hahaha okay no cold showers! Although I am now training to become a Wim Hoff Breathwork and Cold Therapy Instructor, so I may be pushing the cold therapy a lot soon!

The top thing for me would be meditation. Just taking 5-10 minutes a day to Center yourself. It really does calm the mind and in time, you notice you are better able to let thoughts go. Like any training, you have to be patient and give it time.

The second best thing you can do in my opinion is to have gratitude. Implement it into every part of your day. Just get into the habit of saying 'thank you' hundreds of times a day. You can literally rewire the neural pathways in your brain by doing this. When I wake up every morning, the first words I say in my head are 'thank you'. I make my breakfast 'thank you', shower 'thank you'. Etc. I treat it like a little game. Magic footsteps are great too. With every footstep 'thank you'. It also helps you to be present. If we spend more time being grateful for the things we are so lucky to have but often take for granted (like the examples I've just given - food, water, a comfy bed and being able to walk) we have less time for our brain to be creating worries.

7. Before we wrap up our conversation, is there a positive affirmation we can take away from The "Best Kept Secret"?

Yes - I love positive affirmations! Try to look in the mirror every day and say one positive thing to yourself. It doesn't have to be visual. It could be 'I'm so proud of you for working so hard today'.

The tips I've shared here are tiny little things that could really change your whole life.

Last one - sprinkle magic dust on everyone and everything! My manager Nick Cantwell likes to take the micky a bit with this, but I know he secretly loves the magic dust. (It's basically just a good luck symbol - it makes life that little bit more magical. If I see an ambulance go past, or I'm waiting for some good news, or a friend is sad I sprinkle some magic dust on them.)

Thank you for having me Linda and giving me a platform to share some tips on World Mental Health Day!

Thanks to Lisa for all these tips an if you try them let us know and go and stream, buy Lisa’s single as she is donating money to Mind UK. I wish you good mental health to all you readers. Here is some magic dust for you.

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