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Christmas Traditions and Mental Health

This is the time of year where we see reviews of the year, top 100 lists of the best songs of the year are published, Christmas time is coming, decorations are going up, people are busy buying presents and seeing family, and winding down for another year... Santa is out with his elves, cheesy movies are coming out every second on Netflix and Disney and the boxes of chocolates and sweets are out in full force. Festivities are certainly upon us.

I wanted to write a blog piece based on mental health for musicians and those who listen to their music during this time of year. Beth Keeping has co-written a song with fellow songwriter Kaity Rae about being lonely at Christmas. "Traditions" is one of the most emotional songs for me, and one that I connect with the most so intimately with the lyrics.

Unfortunately, losing people who are close to us, in whatever capacity, is something that we tend to feel more intensely at this time of year, and so it is even more important to look after ourselves, feel it and be compassionate to it, instead of trying to put up a front because we need to be happy all the time. Kindness starts with yourself and I ask you to be kind to yourself in this: Write about your loved one(s), do something that makes you feel good, and even treat yourself the best present ever. Christmas for me has never been a time where I feel extremely happy with so many memories associated with losing my mother, serious illness within my family, at times being single, and other stress provoking situations that just seemed to happen in and around the festive season. This year I am going to feel each and every one of them, listen to music to help me through and also own it all and be good to myself for once as I, and you deserve that.

Here's my playlist: Get in touch if you want to add a track to the playlist!

I want to say thank you to those artists and musicians who share their hearts and souls with us so that we can feel less alone, feel seen and heard. I am doing a Christmas show special on 23rd December and if anyone wants to request a song for someone who they have lost, who they love, who is here, who they want to know that they are valued then do let me know by emailing (by December 20th). It is something that is important for me to do this time of year and to everyone out there, I wish you all love, peace and harmony this Christmas. Let’s take the pressure off the day and enjoy time with people we love, doing the things we love and being extra kind to ourselves.

For those who may be alone on Christmas day the fabulous Sarah McMillian on twitter has a hashtag you can use to join in with the fun and conversation that happens on that day #joinin. It is funny, you meet different people from all walks of life and you do not have to be alone on the day.

I usually do not share this online, however I felt this time of year that it is important than ever to address and send love and kindness to all those who may be feeling this too.

I want to wish you all a very happy Christmas and see you in 2023 for more blogs here with Scarlet River PR. Thanks to Rachel for letting me write these blogs as they are fun, important and keep me thinking about what topics can be written for 2023.

What would YOU want to read about?

Signing off now, see you next year for the best year yet. Let’s GO!

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