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The Perfect EPK

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

The perfect EPK (Electronic Press Kit) will look different to everyone as it is all about individual preference and what they are looking to use it for. However, it is clear that an EPK should represent you as an artist and show who you are and what you represent.

Artists and Bands can create an EPK in many different ways. Some decide to dedicate an entire page on their website and share the link when applying for festivals and gigs etc. and it is also an easier way for bookers who you have not yet approached you to learn more about you and your brand. The website can include all the information upfront or provide links to shared documents. Others choose to create a shared document (e.g. using Google Docs) and share this instead. It is personal preference and relates more to the individual and style that they are going for.

All EPK’s should include the following but it can be as detailed or sparse as you want based on why you require it.

Include different biographical options

Having different biographical options allows the person reading it to choose what they want to include in their press releases or what is suitable to the area in which they work. Having a short tag line, medium and a longer biography allows the representative to view different options.

High quality press photographs

The images used in your EPK will likely be the images used in any promotional material used by the bookers or representatives. It is always important that these are of the highest quality so they can be used on different media sites and platforms - this includes Social Media as well as printed materials. They must also be updated regularly and include the latest artwork from your newest releases.

Add your best music

Include all your hits and favourite tracks. Not every song you have ever recorded needs to be on the EPK but, it does need to highlight your best work and indicate what you are capable of. Include all charted songs and fan favourites, any done for charity and all newest releases.

Embed videos

The vast majority of artists use YouTube to get their music out there but, many also create music videos to sell the story of their songs. These are very important to include in the EPK as they show a different side to you as an artist/band and show how versatile you can be. Live videos are of the utmost importance if you are applying for music festivals. Bookers love to see how the artist/band will sound live, especially if you are just starting out or haven’t performed at many festivals. It is all well and good having incredibly polished and well produced recorded music however, bookers need to know this can be replicated live!

Tech Rider

A tech rider is a list of all the materials you will require to perform at a show. This could be just for you or if you are performing with your full band. It is important for the venue to know how much space you will need, what outlets you require and if you need any additional equipment. This will help them to make a decision on whether the venue is suitable for you just as much as if you are suitable for the venue and can save a lot of time in the long run.

Press and reviews

Having good reviews and feedback available in your EPK will give interested parties the opportunity to read everything in one place, instead of searching for it. Use this opportunity to highlight work you are especially proud of and reviews which showcase you as an artist/band. Add links to the reviewers/interviewers websites or social media or embed a short snippet of the article into your EPK. You'd be surprised by the number of booking agents that will use this information to determine whether you would be a great fit for their show.

Highlight your strengths and achievements

By highlighting your strengths and achievements you are showing a different side to yourself and not just the music you produce. Showcase your work with others, songwriting credits, charity work, awards etc. This will show the reader who you are and help them to identify with you and your brand on a different level. It may also bring additional opportunities. Remember, many people who read your EPK won't have worked with you before, so it's ok to show off a little.

Social media connections

Add all your social media links. This will make it easier for bookers and representatives to find you and your work. Be sure to include Soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube as well as the usual Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As mentioned in my previous blog ‘What is Artist Branding’ (, sticking with the same social media handle is vital to creating your brand BUT if this is not possible be as close as possible. By including this in your EPK, you are taking any guesswork out of the search and ensuring the interested parties are taken straight to your pages. It is also a great professional look.

Contact information

This goes without saying…… the reader needs to be able to contact you! Include different ways of contacting you including phone, e-mail, website and/or social media platforms. Make sure you are available and answer as soon as you can. You don’t want to miss out on any opportunities because you didn't listen to a message or haven't checked your emails!

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