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Start this year right!

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

What can I do to make 2022 better?!

Welcome to the first Scarlet River Blog of 2022 and one, that I, Rachel, am really excited to be writing for a number of reasons. As we welcome in the New Year, I am not one for making New Years' resolutions, in part because I can never stick to them, but I do really like to start this period by coming up with a series of short- and long-term goals. Things that I can embed into my life, make habit, and that will positively affect the year ahead. This year is almost that little more significant because it is one that many are hoping will finally allow us to move forward from the pandemic that has changes so much over the last couple of years. I have split this blog into two sections: the first will outline some ideas for you as an artist or music industry professional to incorporate into your plans for the new year; and the second will outline the changes that Scarlet River have decided to make going into 2022.

What can I do to make 2022 better for my music (business)?

Post more regularly on social media

Social media is definitely a common ‘dislike’ for most musicians but, it is a great way to reach new audiences! Why not try scheduling your posts in advance or coming up with a monthly timeline for what you want to focus on? That way, you are prepared for what’s to come and don’t have to worry about forgetting to post.

Collaborate more frequently

Collaborating may come in the form of song-writing, producing, bringing businesses together, or simply act a sounding board for ideas. Either way, it gives you the opportunity to network, as well as enhancing your creativity.

Find an accountability partner

I didn’t come up with this one, but what a great idea by Sound Brenner. An accountability partner can provide support and structure around finding your goals. You can send each other reminders, keep each other motivated, and help each other to reach your milestones.

Explore a new repertoire

Whether it’s writing in a new style, or working with artists in a new genre, gaining experience in other areas can really help you to improve your current knowledge and abilities.

Plan in advance

Made a fantastic new song that you’re really proud of but it isn’t getting the attention you feel it deserves? Plan your releases in advance. Define what your goals are for the release, and how you will determine if your release is successful. Plan your social media strategy to coincide with your campaign, and a shameless plug, if you’re interested in having a PR company on board, send us an email!

These are just a few ideas but, the important thing to remember is to not set too many goals. This makes it very unachievable and when you feel that you aren’t succeeding, can lead to you not feeling motivated and giving up! So, make fewer goals, make goals that mean something to you, make goals that you really do want to achieve, and keep going!

What changes and goals are Scarlet River making in 2022?

After working as an independent artist management for a couple of years, I felt that I wanted to provide a platform for up-and-coming artists to feel listened to, understood and welcomed in the country music scene. Scarlet River’s main focuses were the grow a hub for the modern country music scene across the South West England & Wales, in addition to providing artists with worldwide opportunities to showcase their talent and realise their potential. During the pandemic of 2020/21, I was very fortunate to be able to focus on the business and, throughout this time I became invested in helping independent artists network and find communications with individuals/companies in the business and, to help artists from outside the UK find an audience for their music here.

So after much deliberation over the last few months of 2021, and many a conversation, Scarlet River has decided to make the following changes moving into 2022:

1). Scarlet River will be taking a hiatus from artist management and will solely work on PR and bookings in collaboration with Dark Duck Agency. Our PR packages will include working with artists to promote a single, EP, or album to media outlets, Spotify playlisting, radio, and more.

2). Scarlet River will offer hourly consultancy sessions for those wanting help with their own releases and/or social media campaigns.


3). During January, we are offering 25% of all PR campaigns!

Interested in more information? Email us at


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