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NEWS: Sarah Louise Announces New Single ‘Half Of You’

British singer/songwriter Sarah Louise has officially announced the details of her forthcoming single titled ‘Half Of You’ which will be available to stream and download from February 28 and fans will be able to pre-save/pre-add from February 14.

In 2022, the singer-songwriter released a collection of singles including the poignant ‘My Grandparents and Me’ which built on the solid foundation of success she has built in recent years including multiple British Country Music Awards, including 2021/2022 Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Entertainer of the Year. Her single ‘My Beating Heart’ peaked at #1 on the UK iTunes Country Chart and #45 All Genre Chart and 2022 ended with the release of Sarah Louise’ #1 charting EP ‘The Now’, included the #1 charting single release, ‘Rosa Parks Blvd’, showcasing the momentum and excitement surrounding Sarah’s music.

With ‘Half Of You’ she delivers a heartfelt country-pop ballad that focuses on the love that two people share and the old-school romantic values that half of your heart now belongs to your partner. You’re bound together and all the previous hurt has been worth it to find this one special love.

There’s a genuine warmth to Sarah’s music and that comes through in her writing style that is encapsulated by the sonic landscape that is laced with a sincerity which you can really hear in the soundscape and the words she sings. She knows how to create a song that takes you into the world she is singing about and ‘Half of You’ is no different, pulled together by an exceptional production by Tim Prottey-Jones.

Speaking about the track, Sarah Louise says: “[‘Half of You’ is about] knowing that there is someone out there who completes you and makes you feel like you are home just by looking into their eyes”

Sarah Louise will be performing live at a special ‘Dreamers Country Album Preview’ on March 26th, Stock Street Barn, Essex. She will also be heading back to Nashville to complete an originals’ album.

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