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Meet the team - Demi Michelle

I am so excited that Demi will share with us her love of podcasting and songwriting in the form of blog posting. Being able to offer a different and unique perspective to the music industry, we know she is an asset to the Scarlet River team.

Heartfelt, charismatic, and authentic are three words used to describe Demi Michelle’s music AND personality. The Pittsburgh-based pop and country songwriter turns her life experiences into songs that touch the hearts of her listeners through captivating storytelling in her lyrics and memorable melodies. She greatly looks up to Julia Michaels, Kelsea Ballerini, and Taylor Swift, three incredible songwriters who share their stories in raw and truthful ways. Demi strives to remain honest and authentic as a songwriter in her own music and during her collaborations with others.

Demi pieced together her songwriting passion over the years. Her musicianship shines through, being a classically-trained pianist and knowledgeable about music theory. Also being a creative writer with an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction, Demi is always finding ways to blend her musical talent and storytelling in powerful ways.

Demi kicked off her songwriting journey in 2019 and in 2021, released her debut album Dear Diary. The songs capture honesty and vulnerability, much like diary entries do. Demi wrote this album for herself to explore her thoughts, feelings, and insecurities.

Demi’s debut chapter earned her two nominations at the 8th Annual Josie Music Awards, which she attended at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville. She received nominations for Pop Artist of the Year and Pop Album of the Year for Dear Diary.

After a life changing debut chapter, Demi shared her five-track EP, It Is What It Is, on November 11. This project shimmers with self-empowerment and showcases Demi’s songwriting talent and passion for blending genres in her music. It gives a glimpse into what listeners can expect in the future, as Demi continues to write about meaningful and universal topics that are rooted in her personal experiences.

Along with being a songwriter and artist, Demi is the host of Write on Track: A Songwriting Podcast. She invites special guests onto the show to have meaningful conversations about various topics related to songwriting, the music business, and beyond. The goal of the show is to share real and genuine stories, perspectives, advice, and insights about all things music. Demi has enjoyed every second of hosting the show, and she’s always learning and growing through her unforgettable conversations with her guests.

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