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  • Jaclyn Delnevo

Inspiring young people through music

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

This week I wanted to highlight something different. We usually look at careers within the music industry, highlight the amazing artists we work with, or give advice on certain areas of the business. This week I wanted to focus on the good that comes out of music and how necessary it is to ensure this is harnessed and supported from an early age.

When artists are asked about their early influences in terms of music, they often refer to those that were listen to by their parents. As a parent, I understand how important it is to nurture your child’s ambition but as a single parent I also understand how hard that is. However, in some situations nobody can understand unless you are living it, that’s where these amazing charities really help. I have done some research into the charities across the UK which help children and young people through music. This is either due to family circumstances, parent illness or child illness, trauma and many other reasons.

There are thousands of charities around the UK and I have selected a few from different areas:

Music for all

Music for all offers support to all ages from all social backgrounds. They offer grants to those who require them, supporting many local organisations throughout the UK. Some of the work they do helps to introduce music to youth groups, women’s networks, refugee support and physical and mental well-being charities. Music for all believes music is an essential part of our lives and can play a vital role in many social and religious activities, this can help break down cultural barriers and help strengthen social unity.

● Making Music Keeps You Younger!

● Making Music Makes You Smarter!

● Making Music Keeps You Healthy!

The different ways Music for all supports children is by helping to provide them with their own instruments, providing lessons to refugee children and inspiring primary schools through various sets of instruments.

You can get involved in different ways - Donate through their website, become a member or fundraise. Each year they get involved in the ‘Make Music Day UK’ this is on the 21st June 2021 this year. It is an annual grassroots festival which is usually about bringing live music to the public, last year was a fully digital event whereas this years will be a mix of both digital and physical. If you want to get involved you can organise a gig on your doorsteps or balconies; setup livestreams from your living rooms or stand up in a town square or street corner! Wherever you choose you can get involved here:

Youth Music

Youth Music is a charity which supports young people between 0-25. Through music-making projects they help those in need develop socially and personally as well as musically. They particularly work with those who don’t get to make music due to where they live, who they are or what they’re going through. Each year Youth Music funds around 300 projects nationwide, supporting more than 80,000 children and young people. They help to provide grants to organisations and help get young people into work within the music industry as well as support small charities, arts venues, music businesses, youth clubs, music education hubs, housing associations, nurseries and much more.

You can support Youth Music whether you are a music fan wanting to fundraise or a company that shares their vision. You can also get involved by streaming a live gig with all proceeds going towards supporting music-making projects for children and young people across the country. To find out more or to donate visit

Jessie’s fund

Jessie’s Fund, based out of York, provides support for children with additional or complex needs or serious illness to allow them to communicate by using music. They work all over the UK helping children in need. Jessie’s Fund helps children’s hospices throughout the UK, helping children express themselves through music, establishing posts for music therapists, providing appropriate instruments and offering training in musical techniques to staff. In schools they give students with special needs the opportunity to create their own music, then perform it or record it. Jessie’s fund also provides support to other organisations aiming to help children with disabilities through music, as well as those who struggle to access music therapy.

You can support Jessie’s Fund by visiting their website at Via their website you can make a donation or shop in their online store. They have also provided a great list of fundraising ideas, for more information visit their website or email

Children’s Hospice South West

The Children’s Hospice South West is located in three separate locations throughout South West England. Little Bridge House in Devon, Charlton Farm in Somerset and Little Harbour in Cornwall. They provide hospice care for children with life-limiting conditions and their whole family. Throughout the three incredible hospices they provide respite and short breaks, emergency care, palliative care and end of life care.

Music has long played a role within the children’s hospice as they have often help music fundraising events however their music therapy programme, introduced in 2013 at their Little Bridge house hospice, has shown to provide enormous benefits. Now available in all three hospices, music therapy sessions have opened up wonderful possibilities for engagement and interaction with the children. Sessions often explore the sights, sounds, textures and vibrations which are not easily accessible to the children. The use of many different instruments provides the children with the ability to express a little bit of themselves they are usually unable to express. This can also be through non-verbal communication, such as: vocalisation, body language and facial expressions. To get involved with the Children’s Hospice South West visit Here you will find different ways to fundraise, enter a raffle, play the lottery or send a simple donation. They also have shops located throughout the South West, an online store and limited edition products.

Ty Hafan - Music Therapy

Ty Hafan is a children's hospice based in Sully, South Wales. It is located just 20 minutes from Cardiff so within easy reach for those requiring their services. They also have shops throughout Wales. They support children and families through a number of different medians, emotional support, practical support, end of life care, bereavement and therapies.

Music Therapy has been found to build confidence and self-esteem. Regardless of cognitive or physical disability almost everyone responds to music. Ty Hafan are currently raising £25,495 to help children with life-limiting conditions to enjoy all the benefits of music therapy. If you wish to donate please visit or if you wish to support the Music Therapy programme at Ty Hafan contact Mair Kinsey at for more information.

These are just a few of the incredible charities out there helping children and young people through music. If you are able, please consider supporting these charities, give them a follow on social media and share all the good work they do.

Let me know of any other charities that you support in the comments!


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