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I am a celebrity??! Do I want to get out of here?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

I am Linda aka Voice of a Woman, and for the last two years I have been promoting women in music, from solo artists, to duos and bands with strong and sassy front women! I am passionate about and live for, discovering new music and artists and then bringing this new and awesome music to others who then go and buy the CDs, support the artists or become interested in an artist from an industry perspective.

I love music for music’s sake! I had always said that if music was a man, I would marry him! I love how music can make you feel safe, make you want to dance, make you want to get up off your chair and sing like you are the next Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood! I love how a song can make you feel the most understood that you have possibly been in one moment, and how music can make you feel inspired to maybe try something new or, even give it a go yourself!

At the gigs that I have been attending lately, I have had people coming up to me knowing who I am and saying hello... and I'm looking at them thinking "I do not know who you are?" They have been lovely to me! One said thank you for entertaining them over the lockdown period and another thanked me for introducing them to new artists! We then we had a great conversation about music, the festival we were at, and much more.

Since starting voice of a woman to help and support women in music, I'd hoped to give them a boost of confidence to succeed in the industry but, what I did not see happening is the “I am a celebrity” part. One person saw that I was presenting an award and said that the artist and I were his two favourite celebrities together... it was a stunning compliment but also made me think about the celebrity status and sometimes what that can bring. The music business is a tough one whichever role you play, and within that it can bring and edge of competitiveness or even jealousy; that want for the exclusive or to know something is going to happen first. For others, they may just not like what you do and tend to get nasty about it, either to you or behind your back... you are judged at every moment for what you say, what you do, and the music you bring to your playlists and the music your introduce people to - basically, you are just for how you are in the 'public eye' - it can be cutthroat and sometimes not a nice place to be.

This led me to think that I am in the public eye. I am a celebrity. People know who I am and what I do and, in some ways, know me more than I will possibly know them. I have had some people comment very negatively and challenging “why I only playing females music; that is very sexist” This is from a male perspective and for a moment it made me second guess what I was wanting to do and why. The music industry is hard no matter what gender you identify with but, for me women have more specific challenges in music which stems from societies roles that have been placed on them for thousands of years, expecting them to fill these roles rather than strive for something more. I wanted to provide a supportive and caring platform to let women be who they are at that point and develop and grow their skills in a business that they can be part of. When I do this, it is the best feeling to see artists then grow in confidence and grow within the industry.

Do I want to get out of here?

In a word, I have sometimes thought that I am not good enough, and maybe there are others who are better than me, more well liked than me, have more computer knowledge than me and, who feel they deserve it more than me. However, I do not want to get out of loving music and promoting artists that I feel are deserving of support and a good review, radio play and friendship! I do find aspects of the industry hard to deal with at times and I would like them to get out of here! If you do not like what I am doing, there is so much on offer and something for everyone so, why bring people down and be nasty? If you see something that could be better, then why not lend a hand and do not bring people down!

What I do not want to get out of is loving music, learning more about how to do things better in the social media world, finding that next amazing artist who just is stunning and you want to share with anyone who will listen! I do not want to get out of hearing that next incredible song that has your heart racing and you cannot stop listening to it, seeing the heart, soul, passion and perseverance that so many artists have in the business and wanting to support them! Seeing and promoting the good is what I want to be in it for, all the other stuff can just get out of here!!

What about you? What are you in it for?

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