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Meet the Team: Hugh Webber

If you didn't know already, Hugh Webber (aka ZephyrHillMusic) is the guy behind the words of our blog feature Behind the lyrics.

Hugh is a songwriter himself and has 20 plus years experience including being personally mentored by Ray Davies (The Kinks), and Dominic King (Stardust - Music sounds better with you). He was also a member of the London based Platinum Songwriters Academy where he built his confidence further as a collaborator. He said of his own songwriting;

“I love to work with strong images and honest emotions, expressing them in fresh ways, from new angles. Nothing makes me happier than writing strong songs with fantastic singers.”

Hugh has provided music tracks for advertising projects, ghost-written for several European producers and US clients, and was even shortlisted for a London based musical theatre project!

As a creative himself, Hugh is currently focused on a project with UK artist Lindsey Farrow, regularly co-writes with Becky Lawrence, and just recently started a new songwriting partnership with singer Cas du Pree, from the Netherlands.

'I am really excited to have Hugh on board. He is able to connect with an delve into the depths of songs in a way that I most certainly cannot. It's intriguing, interesting, and really informative'.

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