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NEWS: Pilch to release 'Further Down the Road'

On Friday, July 7, Pilch aka Andy Pritchard will release his brand-new single ‘Further Down The Road’ which follows on from his 2022 offering ‘Firing Blind’ and marks the start of a new musical chapter in 2023.

Having been influenced by the likes of Garth Brooks, Springsteen and The Eagles his hybrid sound is very reminiscent of that era with him expertly mixing genres such as rock, gospel and country to create a unique blend of styles that are authentically Pilch.

The North Londoner is a mainstay within the UK country scene having been a finalist in the Song Awards two years running, whilst for 3 years he was a part of the editorial team at the now, sadly demised Acoustic Magazine.

Pilch was also the vocalist and writer for Pilch and the Midnight Tinklers and, back in the day Shot in the Dark, so he is an esteemed songwriter and artist who knows how to craft a hit and that’s just what he’s done with his forthcoming single ‘Further Down The Road’.

The track is an anthem for those who are now reaching the second and third phases of their lives, when they start to realise that, whilst there’s plenty in the rear view mirror there’s still plenty to come. That’s not to say that we are getting older though, as Pilch sings; “we ain’t getting old, we’re just further down the road”.

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