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Meet Our Winner: Emma Svensson

Emma Svensson is a Swedish country artist who grew up on a horse farm in the village Ljusdal. By the age of 19 she grabbed her guitar and temporarily left her roots for discovering the home of country music, Nashville. At Arlanda airport, Stockholm, the flight departed from ”Gate 26” and took her to what was going to be an unforgettable experience that changed her life. The trip made Emma devote all her waking hours to start a career as a country artist.

In 2019 she was awarded the ”Lill-Babs Scholarship” for her musical thrive, engagement and talent. At the prize ceremony she performed a duet with the beloved Swedish artist Chris Kläfford. Emma’s last trip to Nashville became about more than just the music. While her suitcase was packed with new songs she also brought home a tick bite that disrupted her musical journey. In 2021 Emma went public with her story about fighting Lyme disease. By her side she had the previously written song ”Hold On” which matched her fighting spirit during the period of sickness and gave her the hope she needed to get better. It helped her to find strength and move on, even though buying a puppy was a huge part as well.

Emma’s next chapter has been about appreciation to her nearest and dearest - “I want to give a love-song back to my family after the support they have always given me”. To show her thankfulness for her family’s support she wrote the song ‘Runs In The Family’ which will be released on Friday 13th January.

“This song describes a trip to the mountains with my family that we always did when I was young and the second verse is about how I want to continue with it with my future kids”

Connect with Emma on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


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