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Careers in the Music Industry: Music Journalism

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Have a passion for music? Good at writing and communicating?

A music journalist is an individual who reports on music news, interviews and features musicians and, reviews live concerts and music releases. As a PR company, we work closely with music journalists on a daily basis, helping artists gain exposure in the form of print, online, and broadcast media outlets.

As a music journalist, you'll spend a lot of time behind a computer, researching the music/artists, writing your own story based on the information you have in a way that suits your style and readers. When doing some research about how you might go about journalism, it was clear that having a subject-matter niche and developing a distinct voice is one of the best ways to get noticed. This can even lead to opportunities with popular music publications and websites.

Get a Twitter feed and have a social presence online. “It’s just part of the game right now,” [Alvin Blanco]

In an age where social media is becoming ever more popular, it is really important to share what you do online. Even as a blogger you want to have your own online presence as an individual or as a company. Interestingly, when doing research on the use of music journalism in todays' society, many spoke about how social media allows the big stars to 'bypass' the media entirely...

"While you’re much less likely to see long, in-depth interviews with Beyoncé, Adele or Ed Sheeran, the demise of these kind of profile pieces isn’t mourned by Luke, especially as their absence has created room for longer pieces on newer artists. “At The Quietus, we can do very long reads on extremely new bands.”" [Cazz Blase]

Be sure about what you want to do and, why you want to do it! I asked Sammi Luxa from Follow Your Arrow to share her journey and, give you some tips! Check it out below:

A music journalists' story

From Sammi Luxa, Founder of Follow Your Arrow, UK

I started a blog as I enjoyed writing so that's always a good starting point and to write about what you love. I think if you're writing a press release then make it easy for journalists to use. Often journalists cut and paste articles for print and online articles so make it simple. Follow the artists you love big and small and start researching and writing about them. Think of unique questions to ask, stuff you really want to know about. That's likely where you'll find a gem to hang an article on. It's always the unique angle on a story that get the pick up for wider publicity. Make contacts in the industry, that will be key to build good relationships. So send personal emails and not just blanket send if you can.

From Kellie Lou, Founder of Bring Country 2 UK

When I started back my journey back in 2017 after a few years struggling to get my name out there it's through unsigned artists and them giving me, my chance that saw 'big' records reach out which in turn allowed for my articles get a regular following. My one piece of advice is believe in yourself and your ability because they are the things that shine through within your writing!

From an artist perspective, don't forget how important a good press release is when sending it to a journalist or blogger for reviews/features. Make sure to feature this when emailing journalists. [We wrote a blog on the perfect EPK... check this out for more tips!]

What are your tips and experiences of being a music journalist?

What would you like us to write about?

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