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Artist Spotlight: Georgia Nevada

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

This week I have had the pleasure of speaking to the extremely talented Georgia Nevada about her new single ‘Sin On A Shoestring’, how she has managed to work internationally throughout the pandemic and what her plans are for the future.

Last time I spoke to Georgia we were still in Lockdown, so it was great to catch up with her whilst she was travelling up the Buckle & Boots. Georgia has started performing again, and although it is extremely nice it has felt a little weird after so long.

Lockdown was relatively difficult for Georgia as her producer is based in Nashville. Although the distance and inability to travel will never get easier, Georgia explained that she is very fortunate that they are able to communicate and understand each other so well. While you can demonstrate and communicate how you feel about something over email, it is never easy to communicate as well as it can be when in the same room.

Her and her producer work really really well together and are able to have direct conversations without feeling they are being too blunt. Although she would rather be in Nashville, their work and ability to work together has not been hindered by distance, he understands the sound Georgia wants and where she wants to go with it.

While discussing long-distance working, I asked Georgia about her experience with songwriting from a distance. Having had previous conversations with artists about their experiences, it was something I was intrigued about. Georgia had teamed up with Scarlet River Artist, Kyle Elliott from Nashville to showcase her songwriting skills alongside his on the hit track ‘Devil Dealt Me You’. Although Georgia had already done a few co-writes over zoom, she felt this one went particularly well. They already knew each other through talking on social media and so it was just like chatting to a friend. With other people it can feel a little "eek", you need to be good at communicating, make room for any lag you may experience and be prepared to do parts separately to allow for feedback and avoid any crossover.

Had the pandemic not been a thing, the songwriting session with Kyle may never have happened but she sure is glad it did. Not only did they create an amazing song but she made a really good friend too.

Her new single ‘Sin On A Shoestring’ is out on Friday 6th August. The track stems from previous personal experiences, observations from past relationships and , the realisation and harsh reality that people are not who they say they are and what we learn and how we develop from it. With it’s hard-hitting lyrics and country rock instrumentation, this song creates an honest and exciting sound… and who knows, out of some bad situations might come a beautiful friendship.

This song will resonate with anyone who has been in a bad situation or relationship - although hurt can be caused, once the realisation hits, so does the relief.

You might have been lucky enough to watch her at Buckle and Boots 2021 but, if not she will be playing a festival in Hertfordshire at the end of August. For a list of dates and ticket information of Georgia's future gigs, head to her social media platforms and website below!

When asked about her future plans Georgia remained tight lipped, but did say there are a lot of things in the pipeline and she is extremely excited for 2022. She did say that she will be a little quieter the rest of this year but, with gigs like opening for Kezia Gill and Jade Helliwell in addition to headline gigs, I think we will still be hearing plenty from Georgia Nevada!

Don't forget to stay in touch with Georgia on the below platforms pre-save ‘Sin On A Shoestring’ now!


Connect with Georgia on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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