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Artist Spotlight: Dove Ties

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

This week's feature is the British Duo, Dove Ties, officially formed by Donna Marie & Patrick Jordan during the lockdown of 2021. Having previously worked together on various music projects over the past few years, featuring on their own solo material, it was a natural progression for the pair. Uniquely, the duo have never met and work entirely remotely using good old fashion emails and instant messaging.

Let's get to know the duo

Donna Marie is a singer-songwriter hailing from the North-West of England. Her songwriting style mixes musical genres that have inspired her as a musician, deeply routed in ‘story telling’ and strong melodies. Donna is also a musician and vocalist as part of 'Dominic Halpin & The Hurricanes' for the hit theatre show 'A COUNTRY NIGHT IN NASHVILLE' playing across the UK in some of the most prestigious venues. Personally, I don't know how she does it all!

Patrick Jordan began writing and recording his own material in 2017. Straddling indie-rock, blues and alt-country, Patrick has released two albums and four EPs, has had Spotify editorial playlisting, BBC airplay and TV syncs and is currently working on his third album alongside his collaboration with Donna Marie as Dove Ties.

Dove Ties released their first official single ‘Light It Up’ in November 2021 taking the time to listen to it, you'll be hit right between the eyes with it’s catchy hooks and killer guitar riffs. More recently, the duo release 'Ghost of You' which includes a powerful musical arrangement of bluesy-country inspired guitars, drums and keyboards topped off with lush backing vocals.

The Official Music Video drops on Saturday 5th March at 9am UK Time via the link below:

Solo or duo?

Digging a little deeper, and being aware that both artists work on solo projects, we were intrigued to know whether there were any similarities or differences when it comes to the experiences working as a solo artist compared to working as a duo.

Donna: I would say that some similarities are fairly obvious, in that the lyrics and structure of the song is still a key element. It’s also really nice to know that the music, mixing and production is in great hands with Patrick. When I’m working on my solo material, I tend to procrastinate far too much and drive myself a little mad. I’m an avid over thinker. Working together on this project really helps to take a lot of that stress away.

Patrick added that he doesn't really find the process to be that dissimilar. 'I produce music for other artists and produce music of my own. This is sort of a blend of those two processes. I get very stressed out writing lyrics and Donna takes care of that so it certainly makes the process more enjoyable for me. It also means I can just concentrate on giving a good vocal performance.'

I also asked them whether they preferred working solo or as part of a duo...

Donna: 'It’s two very different projects. Patrick takes care of the arrangement and musical style as he is the producer but when I am working solo, it’s totally me driving the wheel so to speak. It’s certainly ‘easier’ working with Patrick as he is very quick with arrangements and mixes. I take a lot more time for a number of reasons. I really enjoy collaborating as a whole with different people for that very reason, that said I am looking forward to putting more solo music out this year. I have been VERY BUSY in the background working on new songs and getting everything finished. Dove Ties is really great fun.'

Patrick: 'I love the collaboration aspect of it. When I work on my own material it is quite an isolated process. Working with other people (which is really what music is about) makes the process more fun and also less predictable. I don't know how Donna is going to approach each song and, though I always love what she sends over, it is rarely what I would have done with the song if I was doing it all by myself.'

The writing process in a virtual world

You may also remember that Dove Ties have never met!! Everything has been co-written, recorded and produced virtually. I asked Donna and Patrick how the writing process differed virtually compared to being in a room.

Donna: 'If it’s solo then I am totally in my own headspace and have my own process for that. If it’s virtual I tend to take a bit of a step back and listen to ideas coming in from other people, if it’s a zoom writing session, there can be a lot of conversation and ice-breakers to get things moving. There are often times where we are all (whoever is writing) REALLY quiet for periods of time while we go through ideas. I recall a writing session exactly like that for another project I am involved with, THE SONGS & STORIES COLLECTIVE. When it comes to Dove Ties material, I pretty much have free reign on lyrics and story telling. I’ve always welcomed any lyric or melody changes with Patrick but so far everything seems to flow and fit. I have no doubt if anything sounded a bit ‘hinky’ Patrick would let me know. It’s a fun process, essentially doing what’s known as ‘top-lining’ on a musical arrangement from Patrick. His ideas and musical ability really takes the music in a direction I wouldn't have thought of which makes what we do together quite different to anything else we do separately.'

Patrick added that he would much rather be in a room with Donna, 'but times are what they are and we have to adapt. We have found a great way of working that works well for us. It certainly doesn't slow the process down. I work quickly and can fire ideas over to Donna for her to listen to as soon as I come up with them.'

A piece of advice that you'd give to our readers/your listeners?

And Finally...

I love asking this question because I think that we all have different experiences working in the industry and we can learn from each other!

Donna Marie: Perhaps “What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results?” I guess what I mean by that is, focus on surrounding yourself with positive people in your life. That alone will help you be more creative and trust your instincts. Whenever I ignore mine, I regret it.....also... "use the force".

Patrick Jordan: Try to find the positive in every situation. It is far too easy to focus on the negative aspects of things going on. I have to remind myself of this constantly.

I think we can all agree with this!

Make sure to follow Dove Ties on social media, support Donna & Patrick's solo projects and, let us know if you'd like to write a piece for the Scarlet River Blog.


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