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Behind the Lyrics: Anslee Davidson - Fall Back Words

In this new series of ‘Behind the lyrics’ I’ll be taking a closer look at what makes certain songs have the ability to take us deeper than just enjoying the bop! I’ll be looking at a wide range of country artists, from Billboard toppers to the undiscovered and unsigned. I’ll uncover the story between the lines and highlight where the lyrics are special, unique or generally making me say “I wish I’d written that!”.

In these blogs I want to bring you new people alongside well loved and well known hit makers. During this month's search I began to understand why it’s so hard to find new artists and new music, simply because there is so much of it! Did you know for instance that over 60,000 new songs are uploaded onto Spotify every single day. That’s not a typo! I don’t know about you, but I find that hard to believe and even harder to absorb or imagine. These days we can all be music artists, and it can certainly feel like a lot of people have jumped at that opportunity.

Thankfully you have Scarlet River PR to try to help you stand out from the crowd.

This month I have a real treat. Another super young artist but with such amazing talent. Encouraged by her father in her early teens, Anslee Davidson gets everyones’ attention when she receives a Golden ticket on American Idol at the age of 16. Perfect start right?

Well it is unless it’s right in the middle of the pandemic, you catch Covid, and then have to drop out of the show. I cannot imagine how that must have felt. But this head on her shoulders, faith filled girl sees it differently as her recent Instagram post revealed:

“...crazy to see all that can happen in 730 days. The Lord works in incredible ways through unforeseen circumstances.”

Two years later she is a regular artist at the infamous Bluebird cafe, and is being mentored by an artist development company, plus having released 14 songs including an EP since her debut single “I’ll Wait For You” in September 2021.

Today I am focusing on her song “Fall Back Words”. As a songwriter myself I’m drawn by clever titles, and just reading it I was already imagining all the double / triple meanings. Fortunately the lyrics didn’t disappoint.

Verse 1 opens up with straight talking, hoping that their previous conversation and relationship had actually moved forward; she finds within 24 hours they are back where they started.

I love the use of a very short Pre-chorus, it just makes us pause before we hit the catchy Chorus that delivers all the versions of meaning of falling backwards, going backwards, falling out of love, even adding some humour with the falling tree reference. It still packs the punch of the central meaning - if you insist on comparing me to other girls that might well lead to disappointment. The Chorus ends with the last meaning of the title, in that he always uses these ‘Fall Back Words’ when the conversations get tough.

Verse 2 is brutally open and honest, the singer admits she isn’t perfect, but reinforces that constantly pointing out those flaws doesn’t move their relationship forward. She is eyes open to this - it’s poison, and she knows as soon as she hears it.

This time we go straight into the chorus which I really like as a structure change up. It maybe catches us off guard so the chorus hits super effectively for its second time.

A little instrumental break gives us time to get a little comfy, before we get almost a mini bridge as she reflects on her own feelings towards herself.

A final chorus and we are done; Smart compact writing, a great simple story and message neatly packaged in a great musical production.

She does not write like you imagine an 18 year old would, maybe that’s the influence from her writing collaborators, but that matters not because she delivers the vocal and totally owns it, making you believe every word.

Finding song titles with double meanings is a great starting point for songwriting, giving you opportunities to explore all those meanings as the song develops. As Anslee's writing style develops further I think we are going to see some amazing new songs with some super smart deep observations of life along the way. One to watch for sure.

I strongly recommend you also check out her latest songs “Forget me not” and “Trouble with Georgia”.

Until next time.

Written by: Hugh Webber


Hugh has over 20 years experience as a songwriter and creative collaborator. Personally mentored by Kinks frontman Ray Davies, and a year at the London Songwriting Academy. Find out more here.

Fall Back Words

(c) Allie Colleen, Anslee Davidson, Dave Davidson, Eric Dodd

Verse 1

You just can't help it can you

I really thought we moved past this

Back to not good enough, I'll never measure up

What's changed since yesterday

Devil must have found his way

Snuck into your mind leaving little lies


I'd believe it wasn't true

Comin' from anyone other than you


Yeah, I fall backwards

Got me yelling timber

Cutting at the best pieces left of me

Everytime you go there

Everytime you compare

Me to everything you see on that screen

Taking us in reverse making me feel worse

Pouring on all that hurt with those fallback words

Verse 2

I know you may not see

The one you hoped I'd be

And I can't hide my scars

Cause you know just where they are

You keep me insecure

In constant isolation

Feeding me poison

And as soon as I taste it


Instrumental Break

Pre / Bridge

Me myself and I fight in the mirror

I'd break the glass if i thought i'd see clearer


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